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Guido's Heart

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Take this beautiful piece with you to the market, use it to store toys, set a plant pot in it, or use it as a decorative piece in your home. This versatile piece is eye-catching

Since our weavers create their own unique designs, no two baskets are alike. Since baskets are made to order, we only have one of each style in stock. We require 5-10 days to prepare each order for shipping from Ghana. 

Shipping time varies depending on shipping destination, generally 1-5 days.  All baskets are inspected for damage before shipping. Please note that we cannot ship orders to a P.O. Box. We can only ship orders to a home or business address.

 Basket Care

  1. Each basket is compressed prior to shipping.
  2. To reshape your basket thoroughly wet your woven item with cold water. Be sure to keep any leather elements dry.
  3. Set your basket aside for a few minutes to allow the natural fibers to absorb water.
  4. Once the basket is pliable, mold your item to your desired shape and shake out excess water.
  5. Dry your item in a warm well ventilated place.
  6. Once dry, enjoy your woven item.