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These mini baskets are made from recycled plastic bags and Ghana Textiles fabric. Since it takes time to hand source and clean the plastic bags, it takes approximately one week to weave each basket. You can use your basket to carry or store small items.


All materials are locally sourced in Ghana.

Each item is handwoven by local artisans from elephant grass and shipped in small batches directly from Ghana to the USA.

Baskets are made to order and as such, we only have limited quantities in stock.

Since each weaver determines the pattern, color palette, and style of each basket, no two baskets are exactly alike.

About Bolga Baskets and our Weavers

Originating in the town of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana, Bolga baskets are handwoven from natural and dyed Verta Verta grass, also known as Elephant Grass. The lightweight and sturdy baskets were traditionally used by farmers to transport or store items. Today, many of the men and women who weave baskets continue to make their living as farmers and supplement their income by weaving one-of-a-kind baskets. The tradition of weaving baskets is passed down from generation to generation with children learning how to weave from a young age. Your purchase helps to sustain families, many of whom earn less than a dollar a day. We are committed to paying our weavers above market price.

Bolga baskets come in various sizes, patterns, and shapes. Since a lot of skill is required to weave high-quality baskets, it takes one to three days to weave each item. Baskets can be used to store toys and clothing, as plant pots, as vessels to carry produce, towels, notebooks, computers, and more, or simply to add a splash of color and style to your home or office.

Basket Care

  1. Each basket is compressed prior to shipping.
  2. To reshape your basket, use a spray bottle or faucet to thoroughly wet your woven item with cold water. Be sure to keep any leather elements dry. Please note that since the natural dye tends to bleed when wet, we recommend wetting your item on a non-porous surface.
  3. Set your basket aside on a non-porous surface for a few minutes to allow the natural fibers to absorb water.
  4. Once the basket is pliable, mold your item to your desired shape and then, shake out excess water.
  5. Dry your item in a warm well ventilated place.
  6. Once dry, enjoy your woven item.

Shipping Information

All baskets are inspected for damage before shipping. Please note that we cannot ship orders to a P.O. Box. We can only ship orders to a home or business address.


Approximate size of woven basket: 7(W) x 6-8 (H) inches